Hi, I’m Tomoki Miyoshi and I am a composer for video games and motion picture. Thank you for taking the time to visit my website! In the last several years, I’ve had the opportunity to work professionally in the fields of video games and anime as a composer. I have also worked as an orchestrator, arranger and producer on various creative projects in the past. The goal of my job is to enhance and amplify the visions of creators around the world with original music of the greatest quality. I’m greatly passionate about art, philosophy, nature and of course — music. Thank you once again for your time, and I hope that you will enjoy the music.



Tomoki was born in Osaka, Japan, and lived the majority of his youth in Sydney, Australia. During his time in Sydney, he began taking piano and composition lessons at the age of 12. He studied piano under Ms. Catherine Gibney of The Scots College (Sydney, NSW), and composition with Trevor Pearce and William (Bill) Motzing at the Sydney Conservatorium, University of Sydney. In 2011, he was selected as one of the 8 composers to be a part of the ’Composer’s Institute' at Berklee College of Music. He began his studies at the Koyo Conservatory of Music and graduated in 2012 with professional and master diplomas in music composition, musicology and piano-performance. In 2013, he continued his studies with a concentration in Film Scoring at Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA where he received a scholarship in composition and piano-performance.

Tomoki has since worked on the music for various video games and motion pictures including 'I Am Setsuna', 'SOULCALIBUR V', 'ARK IX’, 'Steins;Gate' and ‘Digimon Survive’. In 2011, he debuted as a video game composer with 'SOULCALIBUR V' at the age of 16. In 2013, he debuted as an anime composer with 'ARK IX'. In April of the same year, he collaborated with Grammy-nominated composer, Austin Wintory as part of the album, 'Monaco/Gentleman's Private Collection'. Later that year, he worked on the cinematic music for ‘Majin Station’, a game developed by Level-5 and Razest. In 2014, Tomoki was announced as one of the co-composers to be working on the music for ‘Project Phoenix’, an upcoming game developed by Creative Intelligence Arts alongside legendary composer, Nobuo Uematsu. He has also worked as an orchestrator for music commissioned by the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra for concert, 'Symphony of Legends: Video Games Unplugged' , and as an arranger for animated series, 'Steins;Gate’. In 2016, he worked on the soundtrack for ‘I Am Setsuna’, a new JRPG game developed by Tokyo RPG Factory and published by Square Enix. In 2017, he composed the music for the second game title by Tokyo RPG Factory, Lost Sphear. In the same year, he was also the composer for Tiny Metal, a new game title developed by Area 35 and published by Sony Music Entertainment (Unties). In 2019, he also worked on Tiny Metal: Full Metal Rumble, a sequel to Tiny Metal developed by the same company. Later in the same year, he was announced as the sole composer for Digimon Survive, a new game title published by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment.

1993年、大阪府生まれ。2001年、家族と共に オーストラリアのシドニーへ移住。12歳よりピアノと作曲を始める。

シドニーのザ・スコッツ・カレッジでキャサリン・ギブニーより本格的なピアノ演奏を、シドニー大学のシドニー音楽院で作曲を学び、2011年、ボストンのバークリー音楽大学で”Composer’s Institute(作曲家協会)”の1人に選ばれる。2013年には作曲とピアノ演奏に対する奨学制度を受け、バークリー音楽大学に留学。同校にてさらなるスキルの研鑽を積む。





2015年には日本に活動拠点を移し、2016年、22歳にして『いけにえと雪のセツナ』(スクウェア・エニックス/開発: Tokyo RPG Factory)の全楽曲の作曲を担当し、国内外で高い評価を得る。


  • Soulcalibur V (2012) Namco Bandai Games / Composer and Orchestrator
  • ARK IX (2013) Flying Dog / Composer
  • EQRIPX (2013) Ceremonica / Composer
  • Steins;gate: Fuka Ryōiki no Déjà vu (2013) MAGES / Arranger and Orchestrator
  • Steins;gate: Symphonic Material 2 (2013) MAGES / Arranger and Orchestrator
  • Monaco/Gentleman's Private Collection (2013) Austin Wintory / Arranger and Composer
  • Majin Station (2013) Razest, Level-5 / Composer
  • Project Phoenix (2014) Creative Intelligence Arts, Inc. / Composer and Orchestrator
  • Felicity's Door (2015) Razest, Creative Intelligence Arts, Inc. / Composer
  • I Am Setsuna (2016) Tokyo RPG Factory, Square Enix / Composer
  • Winter’s End (I Am Setsuna) [Original Soundtrack Collection] (2017) Creative Intelligence Arts, Inc. / Arranger
  • Lost Sphear (2017) Tokyo RPG Factory, Square Enix / Composer
  • Tiny Metal (2017) Area 35, Sony Music Entertainment / Composer
  • Tiny Metal: Full Metal Rumble (2019) Area 35, DELiGHTWORKS Inc. / Composer
  • Digimon Survive (2019) BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment / Composer
  • 『ソウルキャリバーV』(2012年) バンダイナムコゲームス / 作曲・オーケストレーション
  • 『アークIX』(2013年) Flying Dog / 作曲
  • 『EQRIPX』(2013年) Ceremonica / 作曲
  • 『劇場版 STEINS;GATE 負荷領域のデジャヴ』(2013年) MAGES.(メージス) / 編曲・オーケストレーション
  • 『STEINS;GATE SYMPHONIC REUNION』(2013年) MAGES.(メージス) / 編曲・オーケストレーション
  • 『Monaco/Gentleman's Private Collection』(2013年) オースティン・ウィントリー / 編曲・作曲
  • 『魔神STATION』(2013年) ラゼスト/レベルファイブ / 作曲
  • 『プロジェクトフェニックス』(2014年) Creative Intelligence Arts, Inc. / 作曲・オーケストレーション
  • 『フェリシティーズ・ドア』(2015年) ラゼスト/Creative Intelligence Arts, Inc. / 作曲
  • 『いけにえと雪のセツナ』(2016年) Tokyo RPG Factory/スクウェア・エニックス / 作曲
  • 『Winter’s End (I Am Setsuna) [Original Soundtrack Collection]』(2017年) Creative Intelligence Arts, Inc. / 編曲
  • 『LOST SPHEAR (ロストスフィア)』(2017年) Tokyo RPG Factory/スクウェア・エニックス / 作曲
  • 『タイニーメタル』(2017年) Area 35/ソニー・ミュージックエンタテインメント / 作曲
  • 『タイニーメタル 虚構の帝国』(2019年) Area 35/ディライトワークス (DELiGHTWORKS Inc.) / 作曲
  • 『デジモンサヴァイブ』(2019年) バンダイナムコエンターテインメント / 作曲





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